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For anyone unfamiliar with Project Prom, this is an all-night lock-in held immediately after the Senior Prom. Our reason for being is to give the Seven Lakes Seniors and their guests a safe alcohol-free and drug-free environment in which to celebrate their Senior year. Our wish is that EVERY senior attend. Want to get involved with this great event? Contact our VP of Volunteers, Stacey Zudock. Or, if you have a particular skill or interest that you can share and help your Senior, please contact us to volunteer. This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in one of the final events of your student's Senior year.

From the Rice Harvest Festival to Fun Food Days, from Power Review Cafes to Spartan City Limits and the Mr. Seven Lakes Pageant, Project Prom is involved at our school! Submit a volunteer form today! Indicate your area of interest and if you would like to be the point of contact or chairperson for a specific area. To learn more about the volunteer positions available, please refer to the Project Prom Volunteer Coordinator Positions document